Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Ann Stafford, Sarah Steelman and Barbara Fairchild
Ann Stafford and I hosted a Town Hall Meeting for Sarah Steelman when she was running for the U.S. Senate.  It was an amazing time for all three of us.  These are two very smart and powerful women.  I learned so much from them in a short period of time.  We talked about doing more of these meetings.  Even though Sarah didn't win in the primary she has so much knowledge to share and I believe God had a reason to bring us together.  We are friends and we love Our Country.

We have been talking since the Town Hall about concerns we have.  So here we go;

All of this talk about "The War On Women" is getting on my nerves.  These women do not speak for all women.  They sure don't speak for me.  I think we need to come together and be heard too.  They get lots of attention because they speak up.  So come on ladies it's time we let our voices be heard too!  I want to here what you care about.  We work hard, we are busy raising our children and running our businesses and the thousands of things we women do in our daily lives.  But, we need get involved, so join us WOMEN OF STEEL!!!!

I am pro-life and I have three wonderful children and two beautiful step-daughters.  We have ten grand children and two more precious step grandchildren I haven't met yet.  I can't imagine my life without any of them.  So often I hear women in the media today talk like women are missing out on something when they have chosen to stay home and raise their children instead of pursuing a career.  There's no higher calling for a woman than to raise her children.  Two of our daughters have chosen to be stay at home moms.  They both gave up great jobs and wonderful careers in order to dedicate their lives raising their children.  And there is no doubt the kids have benefited from their choice.

I have had a great career in Country Music since I was sixteen years old.  I continue entertaining with my husband Roy Morris and we have a ministry together.  We are very active in many charities.  I sure understand when people have to work out of necessity or by choice, that is up to them.  They should not be looked down on whatever they decide to do. We realize in each of our lives in today's society there is a tremendous demand on each of us. I think you all deserve a metal.

So here is what I'm asking you to do:  Share this with your friends on your social media networks, email it to your email list and let's get our voices out there.  Then we will send it to people with influence who need to know we are out here and need to be heard.

2016: Obama Movie

A friend sent me this today. I think we should all be willing to see this because we still know so little about him.

It is Friday afternoon and I am sitting here trying to catch my breath and calm my nerves. You may or may not know that a movie has been released and is making it's way into theaters all across America. The name of it is Obama 2016. Folks, I'm not one to promote movies but today I am making an exception. If you care anything at all about our country's future under the stewardship of one Barak Hussein Obama then I highly suggest you go see this movie. To say it was powerful and alarming is an understatement. The movie is directed by Dinesh D'Souza, an immigrant from India, and produced by the person who made the movie Shindler's List. I am more alarmed at the thought of Obama getting a second term than I have ever been. The movie left me speechless and to be honest, breathless. I thought I understood who this man was. I knew, in my gut that things did not add up and the actions of this man made no sense. Now they do. I am more determined to make sure this man is no where near our Whitehouse than ever before. We must stop him in November. You will understand why if you simply take a couple of hours of your time to go see this documentary. I believe even most democrats will be unprepared for what they will see. To say it is frightening is almost an understatement. Almost nobody spoke after it was over. You could hear a pin drop.

Please take the time to go see this movie. And please encourage all those folks on your distribution list to go as well. This movie could very well be a game changer for a lot of people. Democrats are not suicidal. We may disagree on some issues but we both believe in the America our founders gave us. I firmly believe that should Obama be re-elected, America, as we know it, will cease to exist. Make no mistake, Obama has a plan to "fundamentally transform" America and this movie will show you exactly how and why.

Click here to view video

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Frightening Immigration Law Going Thru Congress Right Now.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate

I'd like to hear from those of you who support Sarah, and why.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ever wonder what $1 trillion dollars looks like?

We as Americans need to talk about this!!!!  In Washington these numbers are thrown around and millions, billions and trillions seem to be just the next high number.  But, look at the difference in the amounts.  We are drowning in debt and what will it be like for our children who are already living under the weight of this, even the smallest among us.  We have to hold those we elect accountable to act responsibly where this debt is concerned.  They need to do what's right for the citizens who vote for them and stop trying to just stay in power!