Monday, July 23, 2012

Ever wonder what $1 trillion dollars looks like?

We as Americans need to talk about this!!!!  In Washington these numbers are thrown around and millions, billions and trillions seem to be just the next high number.  But, look at the difference in the amounts.  We are drowning in debt and what will it be like for our children who are already living under the weight of this, even the smallest among us.  We have to hold those we elect accountable to act responsibly where this debt is concerned.  They need to do what's right for the citizens who vote for them and stop trying to just stay in power! 

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  1. Wow ,Scary when you really see it for real !!!! Our country is in real trouble and God is the only way and Godly People leading our country is the only way to get us where we will get any better !!Thanks Barbara